Bunt Solar partners Glen-Dimplex of Germany to introduce Heat Pump solutions in Indian market

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  • Heat pumps will be retailed under Bunt-Dimplex brand
  • Bunt-Dimplex solution to have solar arm option 

Bengaluru, February 28, 2017: Bunt Solar India Pvt. Ltd., the Bengaluru-based solar company offering a wide portfolio of innovative solar products to energize diverse applications, has partnered Glen-Dimplex Deutschland GmbH, the specialist for electric residential heating products & complete systems, to offer Heat Pump solutions in India under the Bunt-Dimplex brand.

The exclusive partnership will enable Bunt Solar to import and market Dimplex heat pumps, especially the domestic series DHW across India. While initially the partnership will be restricted to marketing Dimplex heat pumps, going forward the two companies are exploring the feasibility of importing SKD kits and assembling the heat pumps at a dedicated facility exclusively planned for the same, thereby nurturing Bunt Solar’s “Make in India” mission.

Glen-Dimplex is delighted to have an exclusive partnership with Bunt Solar as both companies share a common goal of promoting renewable energy solutions amongst the masses, pointed out, Mr. Volker Ruhle, Director, International Sales, Glen Dimplex, Germany. While we have a range of heat pumps in our portfolio to cater to diverse applications, we will market DHW series Heat Pumps in India under the Bunt-Dimplex brand name.

According to Mr. Chandrashekar Shetty, Managing Director, Bunt Solar India Pvt. Ltd., “The introduction of heat pump is yet another initiative of Bunt Solar to aggressively pursue use of renewable energy in everyday life. Heat pumps by converting waste heat in the indoor air for hot water preparation will help consumers enormous cost saving as the heat pump consumes just 1/3rd of a diesel boiler & 1/4th of an electrical geyser to heat the same amount of water, and hence called 400% efficient heating solutions”. The Cold air produced by the heat pump as a by-product during its operation can be channelized and used for room cooling purposes.

Further, he said, Bunt-Dimplex Heat Pumps will have provision to attach solar arm for domestic hot water solution with 3 different temperature settings. Also the entire system can be remotely managed through remote control via energy management or building management system or even through smart phone app. The DHW series ensures minimal energy loss owing to the optimal insulation using German technology and importantly offers ease of operations with capacitive touch screen. The DHW series of heat pumps are aesthetically designed and owing to its compact dimensions not only addresses style but also installation concern as its occupies just space of a tower AC. 

Bunt-Dimplex heat pumps will prove to be an efficient solution for domestic hot water preparation in both new and existing buildings. The heat pump can cover the domestic hot water consumption in a single family home all year around, independent of an existing heating system. As it extracts up to 70 % of the energy required for heating from the surrounding air or from the waste heat found in indoor air, it will lead to substantial savings in electricity bills as majority of homes in India still use electric geyser for hot water preparation.  Bunt-Dimplex heat pumps are priced at around Rs 2.50 to 3.4 lakhs per unit as per capacity and comes with an International warranty of 2 years. The comprehensive annual maintenance contract is undertaken by Bunt Solar India Pvt. Ltd.

Bunt Dimplex heat pumps have a proven track record of trouble free working for more than 20 years!

About Bunt Solar India Pvt Ltd:

Bunt Solar India Pvt. Ltd., is a Bangalore-based solar company offering an array of solar powered solution. With a dedicated facility to manufacture solar products, the company focuses on offering product solutions to match unique requirements of customers at affordable cost. Majorly the company retails small solar home lighting systems in rural markets and big SPV Grid Tie Systems, Solar water heaters for domestic & commercial requirements, Eco UPS and Energy efficient appliances in for residential, Commercial & also industrial requirements semi urban and urban landscape. Bunt Solar reaches customers through its dedicated network of 450+ branches across the country. Bunt Solar also offers unique Business Opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs with minimum investments.

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