COLOROTHON SEASON 2 : Colors succeed where words fail

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Glimpse of Colorothon Season 1

Colorothon Season 2 is back with more Colors and enthusiasm. The motivation behind this season is World Heart Day this time and we like to take the opportunity to welcome all.

Come pore out your heart in the form of art and draw your Imagination at Fortis Colorothon Season 2 – a Concept of Breathe Entertainment. Over 10,000 people between the ages of 3 to 90 years will be empowering their hearts with beautiful colors on 28th September 2014, Sunday to mark World Heart Day at the Whitefield Park behind Whitefield Club, near Forum Value Mall, Bangalore. The painting extravaganza will be between 10 AM and 12.30PM.

We are pleased to inform you that we have partnered with The Bangalore School to host Fortis Colorothon Season 2.

Art has a magical ability to invigorate our emotions and our minds. And it doesn’t have to be hanging in the Louvre to do so. Much of the art that inspires is produced at a local level, capturing the spirit and richness of our community. SoLet’s continue to color together and to help each other to be our best for the World Heart Day.

Speaking on this event, Mr. Karthik Rajagopal, Regional Director-South, Fortis Hospitals says “These hours dedicated to art will transcend all barriers of language and physical abilities. It is guided by our emotions and therefore a simple way to relaxation and an opening of our senses. Through this 1.5 hours dedicated to painting, we are providing people, irrespective of age and ability, a common platform of expression.”

Ms. Usha Mohan, Director,The Bangalore Schoolsaid “Excellence in early childhood believes in horning the creative and imaginative skills in the kids. TBS let’s the imagination soar high and Colorothon is the right platform for kids and adults to express their feelings. Colour your imagination talks about a free spirit and World health day is very apt for such an event is what I feel. We are proud that we are hosting an event of such magnitude “.

Mr. Kishore Joseph, Director – Breathe Entertainment, who conceptualized this whole event

along with his team says, “Our moods and daily life are best depicted in colors. This event will

serve to bring together all ages of people and all emotions onto a single piece of paper. Art has always cut across inhibitions and allows people to be their true selves. Choosing World Heart Day for the event is our way of attempting to bring people together.” 

Ms Bani Anand, Managing Director, Hairline International, said, “The Colorothon event aims to make a better world, and what better way to express it than drawing, painting and colours. We are very pleased to associate with this extraordinary event which brings together people from all walks of life and across age-groups.” 

The Objective of Colorothon is nothing but “Commitment for making a better World”. We want to re-kindle the lost joy of drawing & painting in all age-groups and also to bring together people from all walks of life on one platform, irrespective of class, creed & community. Audience to witness renowned artists painting live – 30 renowned artists shall paint live for a cause (These paintings will be auctioned to raise funds for Omashram Trust – Old Age Care) 300 best paintings from the event collection will be donated to Omashram – to auction post Colorothon Season 2.

Full of imagination and artistic sensitivity, children will draw pictures about nature and animals, their families and the surrounding area. The pictures will also contain the message towards World Heart Day, beyond borders and difference in their background cultures and languages.
As the organizer, we hope that this season provides the people an opportunity to think about the living with the Healthy heart, by expressing their inspiration from nature’s bounty. At the same time, we believe that the efforts to protecting the heart will be further encouraged through the appreciation of such Creative work.


Colorothon season 2 is open for all age groups from 3 yrs to 90 yrs. A mechanic to a Managing Director to sit together and paint their emotions out.

This is the only event where people participation is appreciated right from child, mother father and In-laws to sit together and draw, many hidden talents are brought to the light. Mother In law & Daughter In law realizes each ones hidden talent, this is the only event and platform where you can see  cops sit down and paint instead of monitoring the crowd Said Joseph.

Fortis Colorothon Season 2  Registration begins at 8.30 am onward on 28th September 2014, Sunday at the Whitefield Park behind Whitefield Club, near Forum Value Mall, Bangalore.

Registration is free. All participants are requested to bring their painting paraphernalia,

Only paper will be provided at the venue.

For prior registration log on or call: 9483537475.  Visit www.

We thank all sponsors, patrons and partners viz. Fortis Health Care,  The Bangalore School, Aviva Life Insurance, VAHE Global Academy, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Haireline, Prachar PR, Coco Cola,, Fever Radio & Joseph Welfare Trust.

About Omashram Trust 

Omashram Trust – Old Age Care is a registered charitable trust founded in the year 2001 with the objective of providing care and succor to the helpless elderly irrespective     of caste and creed. The trust is now in the 13th Year of its existence with over      300+ beneficiaries. Omashram provides residential care with full boarding &      lodging facility also medical care, nursing care to the old,      belonging mostly to poor & middle class individuals (above     55 years of age) of all denominations

We currently have about 100 beneficiaries. 

About Fortis Healthcare Limited:

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India. The healthcare verticals of the company primarily comprise hospitals, diagnostics and day care speciality facilities. Currently, the company operates its healthcare delivery services in India, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka with 66 healthcare facilities (including projects under development), over 10,000 potential beds and approx. 260 diagnostic centres.




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