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A team from Element 14, along with Environmentalist US Moinuddin in the One Tree by One Person campus

BANGALORE( MT NEWS):  It was a pleasant Saturday morning, and a group of employees from a leading electronics component distributor, Element 14, arrived at the Magnifique Public School, One Tree by One Person campus on Kanakapura Main Road as part of a tree planting activity under the initiative called as Tree Toppers club.

The Element 14 Team

Saplings of “Melia Dubia,” the tree which is known for fast growth and forming an effective green cover, were planted in the campus by the enthusiastic team. Suddenly, the sky darkened and the sudden burst of rain did not deter the team from completing their assignment.

From quite some time, Element 14 has been gifting saplings to their employees during their birthdays as a gesture to go green. Environmentalist and Founder of One Tree by One Person, US Moinuddin who accompanied the team from Element 14 for the planting of saplings, said, “It is very heartening to know that many multinational companies are exhibiting a strong desire to contribute their efforts for safeguarding the environment. The team from Element 14 is enthusiastic, and they shall have all the cooperation from One Tree by One Person for their environment related initiatives.”

 Note:  Melia Dubia is known as, Heb-bevu, Betta-bevu, Huch-bevu, and Thur-bevu in Kannada

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