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Bangalore (MT NEWS): Yesterday,  it was constantly drizzling in the morning. Around 8:15 AM, when Environmentalist, Author, and Educationist  U.S. Moinuddin, ran down  the  staircase from his office in the Magnifique English School campus in Minhajnagar,   his feet slipped  and he came tumbling down the flight of wet and slippery steps.  Hearing the sound, the security guard Lambodhar rushed to help him.


U.S. Moinuddin, Environmentalist, Author and Educationist

“ I was completely soaked in the rain.  As I  was tumbling, I suspected that I might suffer from serious injuries. Lukily, I am in a single piece.” Moinuddin said laughingly.

“Moin usually walks very fast, or runs, he does that even while ascending or descending the steps. At times, this can become risky, especially when the steps are wet. Thankfully, the injury was not intense.” Zulfi Moin said

Few minutes later, Moinuddin was back in action.

-Smitha Kamath

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