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South Bangalore has been well-known for its scenic beauty with huge road-side trees of many varieties like Gulmohar, Tamarind, Rain tree, Mahogany, Mango,  etc.  Few years ago, the bus route from City Market to Kanakapura would make a person mesmerize as he would be amazed with the cooling effect the trees cast even when the sun cast its scorching heat. The two-wheeler riders would enjoy the soothing cool air even at noon, when the sun was in full bloom. It was difficult for the sun’s rays to penetrate through the huge trees and reach the ground. The roads were completely shaded and everywhere there was positive energy. So, it used to be pleasurable journey in association with nature.

But in the name of urbanization these large trees have been cut down without any trace of their existence. As an inexperienced barber would cut bushy hair incompletely, the place has been left with few trees here and there. Widening of the roads are the main reasons for this. To add to this saga of suffering the civilians with very little or no civic sense at all have made this route a dumping ground. Especially near the famous Tataguni Estate – all kinds of waste right from construction to human wastes are been dumped on the road-sides.  All the construction wastes are dumped over-night. Even the waste of the butchers (chicken-waste) has been dumped there which spreads foul smell.  The commuters are forced to hold their breath to avoid  inhaling the foul smell. It is said that cats hide their excretes by covering them with soil. Humans are the worst creation down the line who just dump their waste wherever possible. It is a pathetic situation that the place which was once a paradise is now not less than hell.

We as a nation, strive so hard to make a mark on the globe through technological improvisation in various fields. We need to understand the fact that unless we follow the basic rules of civilization, we cannot come up as a great nation. It is indeed very unpleasant thing to share it with all. I am surprised how nothing is being done so far in this context. It is high time the concerned authorities do something to check this kind of illegal activity to sustain the essence of our GARDEN CITY.

   – Ameena Sayed

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