Hostels can now save 20-30% of their cost with the help of Artificial Intelligence

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Bangalore: Blueleaf Cyberspace, an award winning company has launched an unusual AI based product that helps hostels improve efficiencies in facilities usage by students. Their product, called enables cost savings by almost 20 to 30%. Blueleaf also has a number of cloud products for Corporates that improve the efficiencies of their office and field staff with over 3,000 users in India, Middle East and Sri Lanka. However, seeing the enormous opportunity for hostels in India, the company launched , which ensures optimal usage of hostel facilities by students and major cost savings by hostels.

The entire product is automated. Most of the implementation is online and Blueleaf itself runs the product operations and implementation and sends regular reports to the designated authorities. A major reason for this according to Nagaraj Bolakatti, Senior Sales Manager is, “Hostels are either run by Wardens or by Student Committees. Systems and efficiencies are rudimentary or non-existent they are busy with operations and core activities. This means that they are unable to look at cost savings beyond their scope. Our system does this without interfering or disturbing with present systems or operations and that is a huge plus to any hostel”.  But Artificial Intelligence? Is it overkill? Not really, says Dr. Joseph Rasquinha, Co-Founder and CEO, who states, “A hostel of 350 students will generate a quarter of a billion data points a year in our system. Only an AI based system can analyze this kind of data and identify the areas of cost saving. The analysis ensures that a hostel will get enormous cost saving data to act upon and this will also ensure that there is a high probability that cost savings are met”.

But what about the cost? With AI and such large data generation happening, is the cost even affordable for hostels and institutions?, “Totally”. says Dr. Joseph. “We have structured it in such a way that the cost is almost a non-issue and has very little impact on the hostels bottomline. The fact that 99warden is a cloud enterprise system with the ability to take on large data and multiple hostels and groups at the same time with automated reports and analysis makes it an extremely viable product, both for hostels and for us”.  The Company has over 20 implementations due in the next 2 months. They are looking at adding an average of 100 hostels a month across India with the help of strategic partnerships. One such strategic partner, Pramod Pinto says, “Their product is absolutely disruptive. It is unique and every institution I have approached so far find it very useful and want to implement it. It’s a totally game changer for the industry”.

Blueleaf Cyberspace is funded by the 2,500 Crore Ferns Group who have interests in Realty, Hospitality and Technology. According to Errol Fernandes, the CMD of Ferns, “There are around 20,000 hostels in India. Using 99warden could make a cost saving difference of around 4,000 crores for the entire industry. That is a figure that can influence the demand of any product, particularly one as unique as this. In my opinion, 99warden is well poised to make a major impact on the market in India and possibly internationally”.

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