JoGiv’s mobile app “ecolekt” to champion E-Waste collection and Recycling in India.

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Bengaluru, India, 24Feb 2016 – Team of Impact Entrepreneurs from Bengaluru, India launchedtheir dream initiative “JoGiv ” – “Joy of Giving” – a for profit social enterprise, addressing the most pressing need of urban community with innovative, out-of-the-box sustainable solutions.

Urban India is facing serious threat from growing E-waste streams which has potential to impact human health if not managed properly. JoGiv’s campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of collection and recycling of electronic gadgets amongst Indians.

The results from a study conducted among the founder’s friends and relatives across age groups agreed that it is important to recycle electronic waste (e-waste), while a larger lot also expressed the absence of appropriate avenues to do so as they did not have means to dispose.

With India becoming increasingly tech savvy, overtaking USA with the number of tech gadgets like laptops, PC’s, tablets, Smartphone’s etc., sold annually, E-Waste is a cause for concern as the disposal of electronics has been very unorganized and larger percentage is ending up in municipal landfills.

Study has also brought to light the effects of improperly recycled e-waste dumped in landfills polluting the under water table with toxic elements mixing up to create adverse effects on the population’s health.

JoGiv is in advanced stages of talks with partners to place collection bins across the country to encourage individuals to recycle their e-waste recycling. “JoGiv” has chosen a new path to create awareness, approach and connect to E-waste donors by a robust, innovative, feature filled mobile application.

The “Ecolekt” mobile app will interface with the responsible citizens with series of activities to educate Indians on the impact of E-waste on the environment and encourage them to support the cause by pledging to recycle their e-waste.

“Ecolekt” app is available on Android currently, (iOsand Windows platforms coming soon) with easy interface for people to use. In the MVP phase of the app, the features include click and sharing the ewaste, scheduling a free pick up, rewards wallet with loyalty points redeemable for gift vouchers from reputed online / offline stores of their choice, interesting facts on ewaste in the Did U Know section. More features including ePledge,FAQ, locations of existing e-waste recycling bins in cities, partnering for CSR, Green events, sharingon social media to educate &donate the electronic gadgets will be added soon to the app.

In future, the app will be multifaceted and integrated with back-end portal team, and connected with GPS features to track and communicate with donors. One of the key features of “Ecolekt” will be to ensure that users will earn points on donating their E-waste which can be redeemed against various partner offers. “Ecolekt” will also display the contributions of various companies who are associated with JoGiv showcasing their responsibility and commitment on e-waste recycling initiatives.

The collected E-waste will be delivered to recycling partners across the country in exchange against the agreed commercial terms of each product. Currently, the app services are functional in Bangalore and will be available in other cities shortly. JoGiv’s entry will also relieve the existing recyclers from managing campaigns to identify E-waste, co-ordinate and administer the logistics for pickup and delivery which is not only time consuming but also takes away a considerable amount of time and money. The initiative will enable the recyclers to concentrate on their core competency of recycling resulting in increase of their top and bottom lines.

JoGiv will host series of competition in which the public have to locate e-waste bins and take selfieswhile dropping the E-waste and upload it with the hashtag #ecolekt and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

Adding on, Jogiv also offers offline solutions for Gated communities, housing complexes/apartments, corporates and schools & colleges who can host anewaste collection drive under the Give N Take program.

While we take on this mammoth challenge in organizing and managing the hidden hazard of urban India, we urge the likeminded individuals, groups and organisationsto join us in this cause.

List to do good is unlimited! The happiness derived from “Joy of Giving” away the E-Waste is a kind gesture of care towards the environment. Come join us in making the world a better place to live. For more details call  Vinayak Sanjay Urs – Founder M – +91 98450 05156, E –, www.jogiv.comE – info@jogiv.comF – – @thejogiv

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