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Environmentalist U.S. Moinuddin gifting a sapling in the Motherhood Hospital

BANGALORE(MT NEWS): Motherhood Hospitals is a comprehensive women and children’s care hospital, abides by this principle and organized a talk on “Trees for a Healthy Environment” on the eve of “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2017”. Eminent Environmentalist  U.S. Moinuddin,  delivered a talk on importance of nature and call to protect the earth for school children’s, parents and neighbors at Motherhood Hospitals.

Going by the theme this year “CONNECTING PEOPLE WITH NATURE”, and to spread the awareness on importance of trees and nature, Motherhood takes this initiative forwarding by gifting a sapling for every child birth at Motherhood Hospital for patients and encourage them to take care of the sapling the way they care of their newborn child.

“Due to rapid urbanization and heavy rains, Bangalore has lost 51,270 trees in the last 3 years and there has not been replacement to match these numbers. The objective of this program by gifting sapling is to seek the help of the people in replanting trees, in an effort to give back to nature which has lost so many trees. It’s time that all Bangalorean’s wake up to this need and start protecting the nature and bringing back the Garden to the Garden City of Bangalore,” said “Abdul Hafeez – Facility Director, Motherhood Hospital, Sarjapur Road”.

Environmentalist U.S. Moinuddin the Founder of the global environment movement,One Tree By One Person  introduced the concept of the movement to the audience and said, “To plant a sapling and seeing it grow is a wonderful experience. If you have not planted a tree, you have missed something wonderful in your life. He further stated” If space constraint is stopping you from planting a sapling near your home, there is always a possibility that you can find a place somewhere near to your office, school, college, or even your native village, where you can ask someone to take care of it, on your behalf.”

About Motherhood Hospitals:

Motherhood is a comprehensive women & child care hospital, committed to providing a gamut of services to women and new-born in Bangalore. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive & personalized care that includes obstetrics, gynecology, laparoscopic gynecology surgery, general surgery, breast health, neonatology, pediatrics, fetal medicine, radiology and specialty clinics. We also offer other services like prenatal & postnatal counseling, individual physical fitness sessions to facilitate natural birthing, painless delivery to ease the birthing process and an expert dietitian to advice on a healthy diet.


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