Roulette Brandy Spins a Winning Number at the Ambrosia Awards 2014

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Secures Excellence in Packaging Award – Canister (Premium)

Bangalore/ Hyderabad ,May 05th, 2014: Roulette Brandy from the stable of John Distilleries Pvt Ltd (JDPL) received the “Excellence in Packaging Award” – Canister (Premium) at the Ambrosia Awards 2014. The award was received on behalf of the organization by Mr Pundlik Kalburgi, Brand Manager, JDPL. The awards were distributed at a glittering ceremony at The Crowne Plaza in Gurgaon on January 24th of this year. These awards were instituted and debuted by INDSPIRIT this year.

The shortlisting for the “Excellence in Packaging Award”was done by Mr. N.C Saha, Director, Indian Institute of Packaging, a stalwart in the industry. There are numerous parameters that went into the judging of the two categories within this award – premium and popular and Roulette Brandy came out on top in the premium segment.

Speaking on the award, Mr. Paul P. John, Chairman of John Distilleries said, “Across the alcohol-beverage (alco-bev) industry, there has been a demand to go premium. Brandy has been a drink that has seen scarce innovation over the years and we found this to be the perfect opportunity to take it up for premiumization. Receiving this award is an affirmation that we are on the right path.”

“When we went premium with Roulette brandy we ensured that the spirit was distilled from carefully selected grapesin our own unit for consistent quality.  This led to a far superior product as far as brandy was concerned. Naturally, we put in a lot of effort in the packaging as well, to bring it up to the standard of the product on offer,” said Mr. Debabratha Banerjee, Executive Director, JDPL.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of the every major personality in the alco-bev industry. A range of awards were presented to both brands as well as accomplished individuals in the industry. The chief guest was Mr. Vir Sanghvi, noted TV and Media personality. Awards were presented to the winners by Mr.Trilok Desai, Editor/Publishers of SAP Media Worldwide LTD, Mr.Bhavya Desai Group Head and Director of SAP Media Worldwide LTD, Mr.Vir Sanghvi and Ms.AbhayBhargava, Management Consultant and Mr. N.C Saha, Director, Indian Institute of Packaging.

About Roulette Brandy

Roulette Brandy is distilled from carefully selected grapes, for the creation of this blended beverage. It is matured in hand-crafted barrels, the wood of which comes from the Limousine forests of France. The result on maturity, is a smooth blend, unlike any other. Layered with the aromas of vanilla, oak and subtle spiciness, it gives you a honey-like texture on your palette and ensures every sip makes for a long and lingering finish.

About John Distilleries

John Distilleries was established in 1992 by Mr Paul P. John, a first generation entrepreneur and the Chairman of the organization. Over the last 20 years, the Company has established itself among the top position holders in the spirits industry with a strong portfolio of brands. The company’s flagship brand is Original Choice, a leading name in the market. It has also two ranges of brandy (Mont Castle, Roulette), Whisky (Black Pelican), Wines (Big Banyan, Ampersand) and recently launched one of India’s few indigenously created single malts called Paul John Single Malt.

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