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Sreesha Belakvaadi is born and brought up in Bangalore.  Even though by profession Sreesha works in the field of Information Technology, his deep interests in the spiritual and occult realm led him to author this book.  Writing short stories, scripting movies and penning articles are some of his other writing interests.  The Quest for Truth was intrinsic right from when he was a school boy, recalls the author.  Books, debates with like minded and meditation are some of those pebbles that accentuated his spiritual journey.

Sreesha is an advanced Reiki practitioner; he also engages in Vipassana and Kundalini meditations.  Sreesha believes that Godliness is an endless odyssey of becoming aware of our Egos and moving with the flow of life.

Married to Shanthi, Sreesha has a daughter Pramiti whom he considers his best friend and philosopher.

Through this book, Sreesha’s attempt is to reach the common man in some of the esoteric concepts that have always baffled mankind.  Sreesha message to the reader is short: be content with what life has to offer, reduce expectations, wonder at the way life unfolds every moment and move with the flow of life-force-energy; so called Godliness can only embrace a man of this path!


Shoonya is a book that expresses the inner you.  The book is an odyssey of the very bioscope of your being, of your personality, of your individuality, of your very existence.  Encompassing the language of simplicity, Shoonya touches chords of metaphysical aspects, psychology, mysticism and the esoteric – cherishing the hunger of both the common mass hand that of the intellectual.  The book will throw you out of your common thoughts and make you stand naked infront of existence – erasing all the masks, hypocrisies and beliefs. To unwind, to become a nobody, to become a nothingness, to penetrate to your core, to just be yourself – that is the ulterior motive of Shoonya.  Enjoy the read!


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