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Educationist US Moinuddin, Secretary of Jamia Masjid Ilyasnagar Syed Naseeruddin, Headmistress of the school Sirajunnisa and others are seen in the picture

 Bangalore(MT NEWS) : Government Urdu Model School, Jamia Masjid Campus, Ilyasnagar celebrated Teachers’ Day on September 5  in their school. On the occasion many students presented flowers and gifts to their teachers and thanked them for their efforts in making their lives better.

 Educationist and SDMC President of the school US Moinuddin interacted with the teachers and thanked them for their hard work, commitment and patience in helping the students to come up in their lives. He said in his speech, “After a child is born, the first teachers of the child are his parents. Subsequently, when the child goes to a school the process of organized education starts. The teachers play a very important role by helping the child to develop his knowledge and also guiding him to become disciplined in life. Eventually, these skills help the students to understand ‘what is right and what is wrong,’ enabling them to take proper decisions in their lives.”

US Moinuddin honouring a teacher during the Teachers’ Day

 Headmistress of the school Sirajunnisa explained about the significance of Teachers’ Day and gave a detailed explanation on the life of Dr.S. Radhakrishnan on whose birthday, Teachers’ Day is celebrated across India.

 Retired teacher Javeda Begum M.L and other teachers of the school were honoured by the SDMC. CRP Mushtaq Ahmed was also present in the occasion.

In the same campus, students and staff of Bibi Fathima ITI, also celebrated Teachers’ day in an elegant manner.


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