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US Moinuddin along with Buddhist monks during a peaceful protest and condemnation of bombings in Bodh Gaya

BANGALORE(MT NEWS):  A peaceful protest was held on the 10th of July in front of  Sir. Puttanna Chetty Town Hall on J.C. Road against the bombing of Buddhist holy sites in Bodh Gaya in which two Monks were injured. The event organized by the Maha Bodhi society attracted a large number of people from different communities.

Author, Educationist and Environmentalist US Moinuddin who was present in the protest said in his speech, “Gautama Buddha preached non-violence, kindness and love. Inflicting damage to any religious shrine and hurting the sentiments of people is against the ethics of humanity. He also said that, “Our society has a habit of generalizing things; if a Muslim is bad one cannot brand the entire community as bad. Simultaneously, if a Buddhist or a Christian is bad one cannot brand these communities as bad. Blaming the whole community for the destructive actions of a few is a sign of immaturity.”

Ananda Bhante the General Secretary of Maha Bodhi Society prayed and said in his speech, “May God give sense to those people who have resorted to such an inhuman act and also discourage them from doing such things in the future. Terror attacks on any religious shrine that includes Temples, Mosques and Churches should be highly condemned.”

A pastor from a church and many Dalit leaders including K. Chandrashekar, State President Karnataka Dalit Action Forum, were also present in the event which gave a strong message of unifying the masses irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

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