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Widow of Hazrat N. Syed Umar,  Rasheeda Begum, Deputy CM of Karnataka R.Ashok, former BDA Member Nazeer Ahmed and BBMP Corporator AH Basavaraj inaugurating the name board of Umar Bagh Layout

Bangalore( Sunday) MT NEWS :  The name board of Umar Bagh Layout in Bangalore South was inaugurated in great style by the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka R. Ashok.

Umar Bagh is named after  Hazrat N. Syed Umar a well known social server who had dedicated his entire life for the welfare of the people.

Large number of people had gathered at the entrance of Umar Bagh Layout to witness the event. R. Ashok along with the widow of  Hazrat N. Syed Umar, Rasheeda Begum and BBMP Corporator AH Basavaraj inaugurated the name board amidst the beating of the drums by the students of a school who had gathered there to participate in the event.

R. Ashok said, “I am very thankful to the people of the area, they have not only cooperated with us but have shown a lot of appreciation for our works.”

Author, educationist and environmentalist US Moinuddin, who was present in the event said, “Under the leadership of R. Ashok and active participation of  AH. Basavaraj a lot of development has taken place in the area. It is our duty to thank and honour such leaders who sincerely work for the welfare of the people.”

M.H. Abid, President of Muay Thai India said, “We had organized this event as a ‘thanks giving’ for our Deputy CM and  corporator Basavaraj who had undertaken the developmental activities of our area as promised.”

Syed Basheer Ahmed former General Secretary of Janata Dal, Nazeer Ahmed former BDA Member, Mico Krishnappa a known social server,  Kaleemulla Shariff  Secretary of Umar Bagh Layout Welfare Association and others senior politicians and leaders were also present in the event. The event was organized by the Umar Bagh Layout Welfare Association.

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