Drums  Against Corruption &  White Collar Terrorism

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More than 15,000 youths to play drums at Kitturani Chennama Stadium Jayangar  to sensitize the masses about the issue of corruption

Bengaluru, 16th January  2018: On India’s 69th Republic Day, 26th January, Bengaluru will witness a historic event wherein World’s Largest Drums Circle will come together with the youths in the city to raise a voice against corruption and terrorism.

Drums Against Corruption & White Collar Terrorism, an initiative of Team of Whistle Blowers of the Country will attract a gathering of more than 15,000 people consisting of music bands, amateur musicians, social activists, college students and youths. They will together play drums at Kittur Rani Chennama Stadium, Jayanagar  to sensitize the masses about the issue of corruption.

The Drums Circle will be led by Drums Events India. With more than 1000 of shows in India and abroad they have set a bench mark in high energetic drumming and innovative drum acts.

Another highlight of the event will be the release of ‘Bharat Bachao’ a sensational book on corruption and white collar terrorism in India.

Sharing the USP of the book, the author Mr SN Ashoka said, “I am the whistleblower of India’s biggest defence scam. This book contains facts, evidences, documentary support for all that I claim. With this book I wish to inform and alert the youth of our country against such  white collar terrorism against our country.”

First version of the book is in Kannada and will be available in all major bookshops across Karnataka. It is proposed to be translated in all Indian languages and made available pan India both in print and online.

Additionally, the event proposes to be a mix of live musical and Musical  performances by Play back singer Sanjith Hegde, food stall, displays of books, panel discussions and the like.

Speaking about the event Mr Kishore Joseph, Director, Breathe Entertainment says “This campaign will bring everyone together as one strong voice against corruption and terrorism, we also propose to organise similar movement in 30 districts of Karnataka.

The event is open to all to attend and the entry is free. To participate, you can bring your own percussion instruments, need not be professional, just anything that makes noise or even hire from us at the event,” Mr. Joseph added.

For more details call: 9483537475.

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