Little Buddy Kindergarten Launches End to End Integrated Franchisee Model 

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Ms. Manjula Raman, Mentor – Little Buddy Kindergarten and Noted Pedagogist; Ms. Grecia Sanguino Camacho, Program Coordinator, Little Buddy Kindergarten; Ms. Ramya Gangadharan, Director – Learning and Development, Little Buddy Kindergarten; and Dr. Shivashankar M Rao, Director – Corporate Alliance and Finance, Little Buddy Kindergarten unveiling the brochure of Little Buddy Kindergarten during the launch

Bengaluru: Little Buddy Kindergarten, a latest entrant to the branded preschool market space in the country, has launched an ‘end to end franchisee model’. At a brand launch event, Little Buddy promoters spoke about the company’s core offerings and the differentiators. 

Highlighting the concept and approach of learning at Little Buddy Kindergarten, Ms Manjula Raman, pedagogist and mentor of Little Buddy, Kindergarten said “Children up to the age of 5 have tremendous ability to learn and adapt, provided the learning environment is explorative, non-restrictive and multidimensional. At Little Buddy Kindergarten a child’s curiosity and interest is encouraged through experiential and inquiry-based learning delivered through a specially curated curriculum and teaching model. This will help children grow up with greater potential, attain independent thinking and take responsibility of themselves.” 

Emphasizing on the uniqueness of the curriculum at Little Buddy Kindergarten, Ramya Gangadharan, Director – Learning and Development, said,“Drawn from ‘Early Years Foundation Stage UK’ and curated for the Indian outlook, our curriculum is an activity-based cognitive and constructivist learning. This helps in social development, language development, creative play, imaginative play, physical play, constructive play and mathematics. The curriculum delivery is designed to empower innateabilities in a child. Interestingly, our curriculum also extends to parents. It is on how to facilitate progress of their children and provide required parenting atmosphere at home.” 

Speaking about the training for teachers and counselling for parents, Grecia Sanguino, program coordinator, Little Buddy Kindegarten, said, “Our teachers are trained by British Council certified trainers from UK. The training is for 4 days of every month and on-site. This is to ensure that the curriculum delivery is uncompromised in quality, at all franchisees. In addition, there is also round the year training support provided by our learning and development team. The counselling sessions for parents will enhance their ability to observe the progress of the child, understand their inherent abilities, interest and behavioural development” 

 Elaborating the Little Buddy Kindergarten franchisee model, Dr Shivashankar M Rao, Director – Corporate Alliance and Finance, said, “Little Buddy’s Franchisee Model is End to End. The franchisee investment can range from Rs 8 lakh to Rs 13 lakh. It includes setting up of the franchisee and operational infrastructure, on- site teachers’ training by certified trainers from UK, round the year training and functional support, international curriculum, workshops for teachers and parents and IT support along with branding and marketing.” 

“Our Model provides fastest ROI for the franchisee. We are targeting 50 franchisee units across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh collectively in the next one year”,added Dr Rao, reflecting the company’s target for the 2018-19 fiscal.


Additional Quotes:

Explaining the intricacies of the model, Dr Shivashankar M Rao, Director, Corporate Alliances and Finance, Little Buddy Kindergarten, said “We want to ensure our franchisees are the extension of our brand, its vision and philosophy. Our end to end model will bring cohesiveness between the company and the franchisees in all aspects of ‘learning delivery’ and provide a seamless experience of the concept.” 

“We will work collaboratively with our franchisees in acquiring its audience. We workout upfront investment slabs between INR 8lakhs to 13.52 Lakhs depending on the dynamics of their respective local geographies.” added, Dr Rao reflecting the benefits of their end to end franchisee model. 

Once the Franchisee is green flagged, within 13 days we put up the operational and functional infrastructure and start marketing activities specific to franchisees 

“I have always had a fascination for India, its rich and diverse culture and the power of its scientific traditions. I am very excited to be a part of the Little Buddy Kindergarten journey, where I am looking forward to train and empower teachers to discover the abilities of a child, to take the child through an experiential and inquiry based natural learning. Along the process it is obvious we would learn so much from the children which will help us in further enhancing the methodology and removing limitations from our ‘Learning Delivery’”, remarked Ms. Grecia Sanguino, Program Coordinator, Little Buddy Kindergarten.

About Little Buddy Kindergarten

Little Buddy Kindergarten Pvt. Ltd. based out of Bengaluru, the Silicon capital of the country, is an enterprise focussed on pre-schooling education and development of children. They are franchisee model operated, wherein academics, learning and development, curriculum delivery, operational and functional infrastructure for franchisees are developed, formulated, incepted and monitored by the brand. This ensures uncompromised educational and development delivery model for Pre-Schooling with highest standards of safety. Website:

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