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 Most of you might be lucky enough to have good friends in your lives.I too have a few and the dearest among them is Gullu.Gullu can’t see, can’t hear and can’t speak.Hold it! before you imagine anything strange, I would tell you that Gullu is not a human being. It is a Gulmohar tree. Gullu is standing tall and stout in my garden from many years. It is there with me, in both my joyous and sorrowful days. When I am happy about my success and look at the tree, it congratulates me by showering its red flowers on me. When I am sad and turn to the tree, it sways its branches, as if to say that this period of time shall pass. I enjoy the company of this special friend, who is always there for me no matter how I feel. Do you have a friend like mine, who without speaking anything conveys a great deal?

– Naseem Fathima (Teacher)


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