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U.S. Moinuddin, Environmentalist, Author, Educationist, Motivational Speaker

BANGALORE(MT NEWS): A childhood passion for trees, a desire to inspire people to unleash their hidden potential, a vision to educate the masses and encourage them to dream big, a dream of unifying people for a better world, led U.S.Moinuddin, a civil engineer from Dayananda Sagar College of engineering to follow a path which he chose out of sheer passion.

As a college student he was associated with an organization, which was fighting for the rights of the backward classes and the needy, during this time he developed a keen interest in learning about the problems people faced during their day-to- day life.


In 2001, he established Magnifique English School in Minhajnagar, JHBCS Layout, to provide value based education to the people of the area and surrounding areas, this school functions as a Nursery, Primary and High School.

Moinuddin says, “Paper certificates are not the do all and end of life. Children need to be encouraged to think big and follow their dreams with a strong belief. Eventually, a person’s ability to face the challenges of life, and move further with determination and eventually reach the goal which they dream of  gives them a feeling of accomplishment.”


In 2005 he established Magnifique Public School on Kanakapura Main Road, opposite to Art of Living.  This too functions as a Nursery, Primary and High School.

To encourage education, works concerning the environment, and also to conduct events to encourage the masses to unleash their hidden potential, he made the campus as the Centre for Education, Environment, Culture and Human Excellence.


He also received the best school management award for the year 2011-12.

U.S. Moinuddin, delivering a speech to students, teachers and the parents of the students.


A motivational trainer, he even established Dreams Foundation to train people to achieve successful results in their life.


 As the days passed U.S. Moinuddin began to feel that his thoughts should reach people and he wrote his first book Dreams, Action and Success, this book became an instant success and thousands of copies were sold. Dreams, Action and Success, continues to inspire the young and the old. This book was also published in Kannada and Tamil.


 Subsequently, he wrote another book Great Thoughts which became very popular. The thoughts from the book are considered very powerful and inspiring.  Soon, Great Thoughts was translated into Kannada and the book was in the top ten selling books in the Kannada. Great Thoughts continues to captivate the book readers.


 Moinuddin’s new book Revelations from a Cave will be published very soon.  Book lovers are waiting for this book with lots of curiosity.


U.S. Moinuddin at the Wonderla, Earth Day Celebrations.

 One Tree by One Person, a revolutionary movement to make India and the world greener was introduced by environmentalist U.S. Moinuddin in the year 2002. The agenda of this movement is to encourage tree planting and educate the masses about the role of trees in our ecosystem.

People love trees, but most of them do not make an effort to plant them as they get engrossed in their day-to-day activities. To make tree planting more realistic and easier, U.S. Moinuddin began to promote the idea of “One Tree by One person,” according to which, a person is required to plant at least one sapling during their lifetime and take care of it. As of 2018 the population of Bangalore is 1.23 Crore, if every resident takes an initiative of planting one sapling, then the city will have  over 1 Crore trees in addition to the trees that already exist. If every Indian takes an initiative of planting a sapling, then there would be 134 crore trees. Likewise, if every person across the earth plants a sapling, then there will be 7.6 billion trees in addition to the trees that already exist.

 In an overcrowded city like Bangalore, how does one plant so many trees? That is the usual question asked by many. “Nature gives us varieties of trees. Where there is more space you can plant a Rain tree, Sausage tree, Melia Dubia, Tabebuia Rosea,  Gulmohar,  Peltophorum Pterocarpum(Copper Pod) Mango, Tamarind, Cannon Ball tree(Nagalinga) and other big trees, where there is less space you can plant Silver Oak, Honge, Singapore Cherry and other small and medium size trees.” Moinuddin answers.

This movement is attracting people of all age groups. Students across schools and colleges, office employees, housewives, factory workers and others have sworn to plant trees and make our environment healthy and beautiful. U.S. Moinuddin has been constantly meeting people and encouraging them to support this campaign where one can witness a Greener India and a Greener Earth . He also takes out rallies and distributes saplings for free.

One Tree by One Person is also inspiring people in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Bahrain, Poland, Russia, New Zealand and America.

“Global Warming is a serious problem; the Earth is becoming warmer and warmer as a result of the toxic gases generated from the vehicles, forest fires, factories and deforestation. As a result, the Polar ice caps can melt, rising the sea levels. When the sea levels rise, islands such as Lakshadweep, Maldives, and hundreds of other islands including the Southern part of India, which is a Peninsula can get submerged under water. Planting trees can slow down the global warming process to a very large extent.” Moinuddin further states.

With the concept of One Tree by One Person, the deserts can become green, the barren lands can become productive, the temperature in the cities will decrease, and the trees will attract rain replenishing the decreasing water table. This is one campaign that will truly make the Earth a greener place to live in.

One Tree By One Person is a vision oriented Movement. It is not about a single person or a group of people taking an initiative of planting trees, but it is about every person across the earth, becoming responsible citizens of the planet, for a greener and safer earth.


 He even started a FREE TREE SHOP to distribute saplings for free, with a hope that people will develop and continue the culture of planting the trees.


U.S. Moinuddin started the TREE EXPLORERS CLUB to train students across schools, colleges, and the masses to learn about the different varieties of trees in our surroundings and their benefits. This also aims at training people in the identification of trees in our environment.


He is also the Editor and Publisher of an online Newspaper www.magnifiquetimes.com

U.S. Moinuddin, continues his journey, providing education, planting and distributing saplings for a safer and greener environment,  training the masses to identify the different varieties of trees in our surroundings through “Tree Walks”, inspiring people to dream big and follow their dreams through his talks and books, “and Taking active part in public works to unify people.




Email: usmoinuddin@yahoo.com






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