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The suspects parking their Motorbike after following Mohammed Yaseen

BANGALORE(MT NEWS): Today, around 2:45 PM, Mohammed Yaseen the  accountant of Magnifique English School,  headed to the State Bank of India, RK Layout Branch to deposit a cheque in the school’s  account, he had had also kept the school’s cash of Rs 46,100 in his Scooter’s Dickey, along with three Bank Passbooks and other personal belongings in a red pouch.

After depositing the Cheque in the Bank, he headed towards the residence of U.S. Moinuddin, the Secretary of the school, in Umar Bagh Layout,  to collect the ATM Card of his wife Zulfi Moin.

The suspects are seen riding their motorbike with a red pouch.

After parking his scooter near the Secretary’s house,  he went to  collect the ATM card from her.  Around 3:12 PM, the suspects  who appear to have followed Mohammed Yaseen, broke open his Scooter’s Dickey and stole the red pouch consisting of the money and other belongings.

According to the CCTV Footage from the neighbouring apartment, SF Residency, four men in two motorbikes appear to have followed him, and they are also seen returning back carrying a red pouch.

A complaint has been registered in the Kumaraswamy Layout Police station.

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