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U.S. Moinuddin, Author, Environmentalist, Educationist, Motivational Speaker

“Young men feel that the greatest satisfaction, power and everlasting attention from people is derived from possessing materialistic possessions. But, as they age they realise that the greatest satisfaction in our lives lies in giving and helping people.”

”Your profession, your friends, your dressings, your habits and your body language are  all a direct reflection of what you are on the inside.”

“Food, shelter and clothing could be the basic requirements of a human, but as important as these three elements is his requirement for attention and recognition and many would almost do anything to get it.”

“When you stop blaming others for your misfortunes and take full responsibility for your actions and results, you grow stronger as a person and will be in peace with yourself.”

“Peace of mind attracts prosperity. A restless mind can never achieve peace of mind.  If you want to be in peace with yourself, you need to cut down your inner dialogue that is constantly asking questions and answering. Worry, fear, desires and anxiety drive away peace of mind. When your mind is at rest you achieve tranquility.”

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