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Mainstream education is a rat-race today, and so school curriculum often neglect to educate children in the finer aspects of personality development. SmartQ recognizes the significance of value-addition in education to develop individuals who are intuitive, empathetic and generally well-rounded, without infringing on school time. Yet, we also recognize the need for children to unwind during their annual holidays.

In a bid to balance fun with learning, we have devised specialized General Knowledge, Intelligence Quotient, Puzzles and Vocabulary activities aimed at Improving ability required for personal, academic and professional development. It is a great way for children to make new friends, while they get better at solving fun puzzles, exciting vocabulary quizzes and develop a healthy sense of competition.

Our instructors will encourage children to:

·  Express their thoughts

·  Actively participate in discussions

·  Improve decision making capabilities

·  Improve logical thinking

· Improve communication skills

· Act

· Write a script for a play and

· Direct plays.

Children will be encouraged to inquire, share their knowledge and be self-discoverers.

SmartQ’s engaging workshop will take advantage of a pressure-free environment to inculcate the required ability in children — sharpening their logical/lateral thinking abilities, analytic and communication skills, recognizing and honing their talents, while developing them in a well-rounded manner. The workshop comprises  (12 + 4) Sessions, wherein 12 sessions of subject module (GK, IQ, Puzzles & Vocabulary) along with 4 sessions of interesting activities involved for children from 5years to 8 years old & 16 Sessions (GK, IQ, Puzzles & Vocabulary) along with activities for 8years to 12 years old.

WHERE: Across 50 cities plus with 125 centers in Pan India



 CONTACT: 9945278763


A life skills-based education supplement, SmartQ, focuses on knowledge-sharing through fun and engaging means, rather than rote-style compulsory education structure. Our programmes are designed to create a thirst for knowledge among children aged 5-12; they are able to spur curiosity and bring out their natural tendency to quickly absorb what interests them.

Since our inception in 2009, we have increased our presence to over 45 cities with 120 SmartQ franchises across the country, and we are expanding every month. We are aiming for pan-India presence in the next couple of years. Our proprietary teaching modules and pedagogy are poised to be game-changers in the space of personality development and child grooming.

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